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Expert: buy nike shoes online Jeremy Lin Haden performance should allow Douglas starter Beijing January 19, the United States media sources, experts Jeff - Shure special author, analyzed Jeremy Lin (Http: microblogging) and Harden together, and that without Jeremy Lin, Harden performance will be even more Outstanding, Jeff Shure recommends getting Jeremy Lin off the bench better - any team should start looking for an explanation when it comes to a six-game losing streak, and why? Rockets now encounter such difficulties, then what is their problem? Some people think there is a problem with the Rockets offense, but the attack may not be the current main issue for the Rockets, but the main issue stems from the coexistence of James Harden and Jeremy Lin. Without Jeremy Lin on the court, Harden might have done even better. This is not to belittle Jeremy Lin, the two players style of play is difficult to integrate well together, if you look at this season's Rockets game, then if I was to be the Rockets coach, I would rather Tony - Douglas As the team's starting point guard. There is no doubt that Jeremy Lin stronger offensive capabilities than Douglas, but after Harden became the team's star, Jeremy Lin may give way to Douglas. Jeremy Lin's current field goal percentage is 42.8%, 3-point shooting was only 27.6%. Douglas shot 40.5% from the field and 40.9% from the 3-point line. And Jeremy Lin's long-range shooting is not his advantage, while Harden control the ball, Jeremy Lin had to make some long-range shooting, which often make it difficult for him to play. Douglas is not the same, although his offensive ability less than Jeremy Lin, but his defensive ability is better than Jeremy Lin some. Rockets coach McHale at the critical juncture of the fourth quarter will be more defensive on the side Douglas, not Jeremy Lin. To be honest, Jeremy Lin and Harden have similar offensive styles, one of them when the court, can perform well, but the two play together, often can not play their biggest advantage. When the rocket deal to Jeremy Lin, I feel very happy, then I know Jeremy Lin will become the rocket's biggest star. However, after James - Harden came, he made me feel overjoyed, because Harden brought not only Rockets have a key player, he can also attract other players to join. (Bull)